DnA Interior, an innovative and dynamic interior design practice, conceptualizes and implements all types of interior spaces for commercial, retail and hospitality/residential clients. Using state-of-the-art 3D computer modeling software, DnA Interior provides contemporary interior designs that define how people function in space.

DnA Interior is able to offer a complete turn-key service to its clients. Bespoke designs are tailored, based on the client’s brief and budgetary considerations. DnA Interior will work in conjunction with your Architect, Engineer and professional team to ensure the desired end-product is achieved.

DnA Interior is able to provide interior design services throughout South Africa.

The Power Behind DnA Interior

DnA Interior was established by Antoinette Heuvelmans in 2009. Antoinette is a qualified interior designer, having completed a 4 year B.Tech. Degree at the Cape Town Peninsula University of Technology in 1998.

Antoinette has eighteen years working experience in the industry, including six years in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and has worked in a number of disciplines, including exhibition design, corporate branding, residential design and office space planning.

Our Interior Design Solutions

  • Overall plans of interior layout
  • Electrical layouts
  • Plumbing layouts
  • Bulkheads
  • Space planning
  • Kitchen design
  • Built-in cupboard design
  • Home cinema design
  • Selection of fixtures and finishes
  • Office space planning
  • Bespoke furniture and fixtures
  • Materials specification
  • Merchandising design
  • Brand imaging
  • Retail space planning
  • Soft Furniture & Décor selection
  • Curtaining